Face Treatment

Ozone Treatment -: In methods Of Treatment with ozone a particular attention is paid to improvement of microcirculation, oxygenation, and energy supply of cells. Proper tropism and protective of skin.

Ozone Treatment will work better because the oxygen is being made to circulate through your skin therefore the bacteria dies the come done dries up and your skin gets better. There are not side effects to this treatment and hence you can get acne free face .

Galvanic Treatment -:  Skin loses its elasticity with aging and that leads wrinkles .Galvanic treatment facial restores skins elasticity by inducing a low DC voltage in the skin. It increases the potency of skin cells to reproduce and multiply. This makes way for the fresh skin cells, which replaces the old wrinkled and tired cells and you left behind with firm and tight skin that looks Supple.


Ultrasonic Treatment -:  During are ultrasonic facial high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below  the surface of the skin promoting  cellular  renewal and repair, toning, muscles increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic, drainage, combating Puffiness and Swelling and improving skin.


Diamond Derma Bresion -:   Whether you struggle with skin discoloration, acne-prone, scarred or wrinkled skin,Microdermabrasion can definitely help. … This skin-freshening technique can be performed using two different types of machines: a standard microdermabrasion machine, and the newer Diamond Peel

Face Peeling -: All peels can treat areas on the face, and most peels can also treat the neck and hands. Chemicalpeel is primarily used for cosmetic reasons, but in some cases This Facial is meant to reduce blemishes and uneven skin tone and … Discover VLCC’s latest offering- The ‘Pumpkin Peel Facial’, for that flawless radiance.


Organic Treatment – Organic lawn care services are perfect for your family and pets. … Lawn Doctor’s organic treatmentand care program will help produce grass that is both green Organic Agro Products, Yoga Treatment Services, Ayurvedic Medicines, Organic Soaps and Cinnamon offered by Somalata Ayurveda India Private Limited

Anti-Aging Treatment-:  It also contains a hefty portion of vitamin E, which helps improve skin’s texture while fighting damage from free radicals that cause aging. The lactic acid in yogurt gently loosens dead skin cells, giving your complexion a fresher, brighter appearance